About Us

We’re a small company founded in Delaware by a guy who had studied computer science, then changed his mind to become a pilot and now he is flying as a first officer in Europe. From a pilot's and software developer's point of view we're creating aviation related software.

In aviation useful software especially in a mobile device may save important times. We're trying our best to deliver these kind of useful software especially to modern-day aviators. If you also have an app in mind, that might help aviation sociecty, you can always contact with us from the contact page.

Since procedures changes from company to company or authority to authority, our products are for informational and educational purposes only. In the event of conflict between data provided in our products and that in publications issued by the authority, the authority shall take precedence! Using these software in flight and / or critical times are not suggested. These apps are developed for training purposes only.

Short History

Vecihi LLC founded to help modern-day aviators

  1. Vecihi LLC founded

    Delaware State Flag

    We founded as a software company in
    Dover, Delaware (U.S.)

  2. vecihi.com is live


    Finally vecihi.com became live to promote our products

  3. Released the first app

    ATA Chapters App

    Released companies first app
    (ATA Chapters)

  4. Released B737 CB app

    Boeing 737 Circuit Breaker App

    App to search circuit breakers in Boeing 737
    (B737 CB)

  5. Released SXS CrewLink app

    SXS CrewLink App

    App to check NetLine/CrewLink Airlines flight crew roster
    (SXS CrewLink)

  6. Released Time { + - x ÷ } app

    Time { + - x ÷ }

    App to make calculations by using hour, minute and second
    (Time { + - x ÷ })